Mornington Peninsula

Nazaaray Estate is owned by winemaker Paramdeep (or Param) Ghumman and his doctor wife Nirmal, who emigrated to Australia in 1981 from India. In 1991, while still living in Melbourne Param and Nirmal bought 50 acres of cattle farmland on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. It was on a hillside, exposed to the wind from all directions and overlooked the verdant landscape and wildlife haven of Greens Bush which is part of the State Peninsula forest reserve.

“The land exceeded our budget and our wildest expectations. We had no idea what we would do with it,” says Param. They looked at crops such as olives, fruit trees and specialty produce such as pomegranate, but Paramdeep kept coming back to the dream of creating his own vineyard. The Mornington Peninsula is a region becoming known throughout the world for the cool maritime climate wines of great elegance, finesse, and intensity of flavour

Nazaaray Vintage Case
Nazaaray Estate Pinot Noir 2018 12
Nazaaray Chardonnay 2020 12
Nazaaray Pinot Gris 2022 12