Kirkton Wines

Kirkton Wines
Hunter Valley, NSW

John Busby established Kirkton Estate at Lower Belford, Hunter Valley in 1830. John, his wife and family journeyed to Port Jackson, Sydney from Leith, Scotland aboard the Triton in February of 1824.

Kirkton Estate was the first vineyard to be established in the Hunter Valley by John Busby in 1830. Kirkton’s historic importance grew from its intrinsic association with James Busby, (son of John Busby) and its role in being the incubator for what remains the largest and most diverse viticulture assessment project undertaken in Australia. The 365 varieties of vines he planted at his father’s vineyard “Kirkton”, together with writing numerous publications on Viticulture and Winemaking, bestowed upon him recognition as the “Father of the Australian Wine Industry”.


Kirkton Estate Matlida Chardonnay 2022 12
Kirkton Estate Triton Shiraz 2021 12
Kirkton Estate William Semillon 2022 12
Kirkton Estate Sarah Rose 2020 12
Kirkton Estate The Agnes Chardonnay 2021 12
Kirkton Estate The Eliza Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon 2022 12
Kirkton Estate The Kurtz Barossa Shiraz 2021 12
Kirkton Estate The Kathrine Adelaide Hills Shiraz 2022 12
Kirkton Estate The James Hunter Valley Shiraz 2021 12