Diamond Valley

Diamond Valley
Yarra Valley

Diamond Valley was established in 1976 by the Lance family in Melbourne’s beautiful Yarra Valley wine region. The aim and philosophy was simple – to grow the finest grapes possible, luscious, ripe and with excellent varietal character, and to handcraft these grapes into elegant and distinctive wines of the highest quality. Since the first release in 1982, Diamond Valley Vineyards has enjoyed outstanding success with its wines, yet has through choice remained one of Australia’s smaller wineries. By adhering to the founding philosophy, thewines have been consistently excellent, amassing a tally of awards quite out of proportion to the size of the winery and justifying Diamond Valley’s insistence on quality before quantity. Carefully selected sites give warm growing conditions in a cool climate. Low grape yields, a carefully managed canopy and few disease problems complete the parameters for growing the finest grapes and to ensure this high quality, the vines are tended and harvested by hand

Diamond Valley  Vintage Case
Diamond Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 12
Diamond Valley Shiraz 2021 12
Diamond Valley Rose 2022 12
Diamond Valley Chardonnay 2022 12